Episode 5: Slowing Down is for the Tortoises.

Who said speed was key. Anyone and everyone who tried winning a race. I’m not sure about my followers out there (looks like it’s about 15 of you now) but for me one of the hardest workouts is to run slow. Coach Blue at Running with the Lab (shameless plug) is constantly getting me to work on speed, but reminds me of the importance of slowing things down. Again I don’t do slow. I’ve never done slow. That is probably why I’ll never run a marathon.  Actually I will definitely run a marathon. But that is for a future Episode.

Sidebar: I got to do a quick shout out to my sister. She’ll remember the story. My running career started when I was about eight years old in Mission Viejo California. My folks thought it would be a good idea to sign me up for some track event, forget that I had never run a track event before. And I want to say it was a 1 mile run. Those of you who are ADHD or know someone who is ADHD, we are sprinters. We’re not “runners”. But needless to say Mom and Dad thought it would be a great idea to enter me into this contest. What a shit show! I remember standing up in the parking lot where he race began. You had run around the football lockers and onto the track and then finish at the end of the track. Everyone there was in great condition. Obviously these kids had been running since there were three. I didn’t even learn to walk until I was three – and that’s a true story hey that might be a good blog (I was the real Forrest Gump in more ways then you could imagine – yes I had braces, actually casts, on my feet for ever). So, where was I…oh yeah…we’re at the starting line and the gun goes off and I take off in a full sprint. I mean I was whoopin everybody. Turn the first corner couldn’t see anybody in my rearview mirror I literally thought I was gonna win this race. At about 200 meters, I’m passing the football lockers, I started to feel THE BURN. Y’all know with the burn is. Typically it’s when you start your kick, like the last 400 m of a 5K 10K or half marathon. But this was 400 m into the race. Next thing I know I’m being passed like lightning McQueen out of gas on the middle of the track. Next my sides started cramping. Then, my legs started to cramp. I may even of had some menstrual cramps, that’s how much pain I was in. On the second to last turn on the track I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t move. I think everyone had already finished the race and was of having their celebratory snack. And there I was on the track crying. Feeling pain. Feeling Shame. Not knowing how the hell is going to even finish this race. I was beyond embarrassed. And the next thing I know my sister is down on the track (I think my brother was there too) and they were cheering me on. Screaming you can do it! You can do it!

SidebarOfMySidebar: I wonder if the Executive Producers, or maybe even Tom Hanks himself was there that day because it kind of reminded me of run Forrest run scene. Throw in the braces. Maybe somebody owes me some royalites. After all, Stupid is as Stupid Does (https://youtu.be/D_Komi7wnAw).

BackToMyOriginalSideBar: And somehow with all the excitement and cheering I finish the race. Dead last of course. So you can see why I hate that I love running. It was ingrained in my DNA, into my brain, at a very early age.

Wow. That was literally the longest side bar I’ve ever. Basically it was my whole post. What in the world was I talking about… Oh yes everyone should own a punching bag. No wait, that is in a future episode. I am a train wreck. I have my first double header this weekend. Mobile, Alabama 5k Trail run at 7:30am, and then a 7pm 5k Road Race in Mississippi. About to knock off 2 more from my 50by50.

At the end of the day: Running is running. Speed is important. But some of my best, really favorite runs, is when I just kick on an awesome playlist, put on my shoes, and just run for the love of running. Like in life, balance is everything. I love that I hate that I love the Speed Workouts. They push my body and mind to places I never thought I could reach. But every once in a while…its great to just hit cruise control and #justrun.

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