Episode 7: AntFarm.com and the Bucks

Captains Log: Monday May 22, 2017. My morning had been full of ups and downs. Started off with incredible pain. I blame @blue_benadum for the Mona Fartlecks workout yesterday. I murdered that workout, but it paid me back the next morning. Lol.

Then I got to spend the start of my day with my little half pint while Mom slept in. #happyhappyhappy. Made her breakfast. Packed her lunch. Fed the Zoo. 🐕🐈🐓🦏🐊. Made some much needed ☕️☕️☕️☕️. Took 1/2 pint to school and headed to the office – aka – Starbucks.

As I was driving to the Bucks, all kinds of FEAR and ANGER started stirring. SHAME and GUILT joined the party too. They really know how to get the party in my head going. Got there and “my seat” was taken. The line was out the door.  Reminders started popping up on my iPhone like non-winning lotto balls. WTF. I was starting to lose my shit. I wanted to walk up to the old farts (ok a least older then me) and say “yo, you are in my seat.” Yeah that kind of morning. Thankfully I did not.

Instead, I did what I believe seems to always work. I changed my #karma. Bought the guy behind me a cup of Joe. Turned off my “alerts” and journaled the following: “Dear #God and #Universe. Please reconnect me to you and others…”.

Wow. The next thing I know #god and the #universe responded. In spades. Saw a Dad and his little girl about half pints age taking selfies and sending to Mom while waiting in line. Figured out a frustration with our coaching software that I had been wanting to fix for weeks to help our coaches have better interactions with their clients. And then the jackpot – “my seat” opened up just as my butt was going numb from sitting on that hard ass wooden chair. If you know me – since I lost my weight I have NO Ass. And those wooden chairs at the Bucks kinda remind me of my elementary school desks. Wood. No padding. Super uncomfortable. So how incredible was it that “my seat” opened up. I was on cloud 9. Until…

Universe and God have a morbid sense of humor. So about an hour or so into a deep dive on my Endurance and Run Coaching certification classes, in “my seat”, I noticed my legs were itching. It felt kinda like little needles jabbing me every few minutes. At the time I really didn’t think much of it. I was so focused on my studying that I was basically oblivious. Muscular and Energy systems. Fascinating stuff. But then I saw a little ant crawl across my screen. Then another. And another. I think I said out lout “What In Theeee Hell is Going on Here”. I quickly jumped out of “my seat” to see what was happening. Nothing. Nada. “Ok”, I thought to myself (might have said that out loud too), “I am starting to lose my mind.” Apparently my vision is starting to get worse then I am willing to admit because all of a sudden I noticed a trail of ants under my chair, climbing the leg of said chair, and into the cushion. “No freagin way”, that was definitely out loud. Apprehensively I lifted the cushion and found only what I can describe as a small colony of little red ants. Literally thousands of them. 

At this point all I could do was laugh (again out loud – by now most of my fellow Buck compadres must think I am some kind of crazy loon). I told my Starbucks team member what was going on, helped her move the chair outside, relocated to my “second favorite chair”, inspected it carefully and commenced on with my work. The rest of my day had several ups and downs. Wins and roadblocks. But all in all it ended up being a great day. For that I am grateful. So whats the point to tonights rant?

The moral of the story. Always check your chair at Starbucks for ant colonies. No I am kidding. Actually for me the moral of the story was pretty simple – don’t sweat the small shit and when things appear to be going to hell in a hand basket (never quite understood that analogy until this week), just put some good vibes out to the universe, ask for what you want or need, and then let go of the outcome. It usually works out exactly the way its suppose to. And definitely check “your seat” at the Bucks for ants.

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JJ is Out!!!

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