Episode 4: Ok, I Don’t Hate Everyone!

So there has been a lot of comments in past blogs about how much I really don’t care for people. Especially at my office, Starbucks. Lol. That is not actually true at all, I am just not good with huge crowds. Today the universe reminded me how much I love to meet new people because I met J.R. And the reason I say the Universe reminded me is because he gave me an incredible gift, he told me about a book “To the Ends of the Earth” by Ranulph Fiennes, that I immediately bought on The Zon. (Aka – Amazon). BTW – its a must read, even for non-runners. Are there any of those around anymore?

#Sidebar. You know I write a lot about how much I hate that I LOVE RUNNING…I feel the exact same way about reading. I am really starting to despise the fact that I am loving that I am becoming a “reader”. Don’t worry, I still can’t sit on a beach all day long and read. Aint gonna happen.

#SidebarOfMySidebar. My wife and her entirely family are the most avid readers I have ever met. Its pretty impressive if I am honest with myself. Picture this we are sitting on this incredible beach, weather is fabulous, sun is warm – not to hot, waves are perfect; and an entire row of beach chairs are filled with people sitting and reading. All. Day. Long. What is going on here people?!?

Anyways, my point is I don’t hate everyone. I love meeting new people. Working with new clients. Sharing my love for running, recovery, and personal development. I love learning new ways to reach people. Understand them better. Relate to them. Empathize with them (still a work in progress). I guess actually I really LOVE people.

That is why I am so passionate about this next chapter in my life. Coaching allows me to connect with new and interesting people everyday. I get to hear their stories. Their dreams. What they are passionate about, and what they fear. Developing new strategies to overcome those fears and face the beast head-on. And I get to share my love for running and how it (at least for me) has brought me to a new place in m y life of peace, serenity, and closer to God, my wife, friends, kids, and family.

Today I got the greatest news! All my kids have agreed to run my NJ 5k in July. Words cannot even describe how much that fills my heart with gratitude. And at the end of the day, gratitude is something I am actually grateful for. That sounded funny. But its true.  As you read this, look around at who is currently in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you. Give them a hug and tell then how important they are to you. Spend time with them. Real time. And then, of course, convince them to put on some running shoes and join an elite group of individuals who can say – they ran a 5k in all 50 states before they turned 50.

Start early folks, cuz I only have 4 years to join this distinct group of humans and it is gonna be a mother %@#*er. But I WILL GET ER DONE! That is a fact!

#NeverQuit. #JustRun. #50by50RunTribe. #Church.

JJ Out!

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